Seattle Daze

Seattle Center, Farmers Market in Seattle WA

When thinking about my visits to Seattle, WA it always comes back to me like a daze. In the moments walking through the famous market with fish flying past from one person to the next then replaced with fresh tulips within seconds has a certain feeling that can’t be put into actual words or phrases. The only way that I could ever express that feeling is through my handy-dandy phone camera.

The first time I visited Seattle, more of the first that I can remember, was back in Elementary school as a school field trip. I vividly remember the smell of fresh tulips as we entered the farmers market, and of course the stench of fresh fish laying across freezing ice that will always be connected to those memories.

In the Pacific Northwest we have the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival up in Mount Vernon that is often held in April, which is wonderful to go to but my friends and I were up in Seattle and skimmed on time. To see the beautiful PNW tulips in Seattle is a treat in its self.

Taking a little shelter from the cold winds outside in a small shop full of collectibles. In every corner and every shelf full of something and not spared for the weak, with one shelf could take you thirty minutes to explore from top to bottom. As you enter you are hit with the smells of old and new, all while you are stuffed in between two strangers that have been soaked by the previous rainfall.

Dark ally ways are best during the day and when you have a group of friends, I do not recommend walking down a unknown ally by yourself.

Though I am not in-the-heart-of-the-city type of person, it is always fun to day dream what it would be like to be apart of that busy life.

And of course you must stop by the gum wall, it gets cleaned off every now and then. Plus its pretty gross when you think about it. People leave their tags up on the wall, and their saliva. (and other things)

The market is full of colours, my new favourite place to stop at is the fruit stand adjacent from the small metal pig. The fruit is worth every cent, with no GMO’s or preservatives its especially good!

At Mee Sum Pastry there is quite a line but it goes by fast. Before you even get to the counter where you order and pay they ask what you would like, get it ready, and by the time you go pay its already to go and you’re out of there in minutes. The pastries are something to gain weight for!

Saying goodbye to Seattle and the buildings that could touch the clouds.

Money was well spent and saved during the Seattle visit. Summer time Seattle is a wait that will be worth it, but for now Spring Seattle will do.


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